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Best Tools for Splitting Firewood

How to Split Hard Wood

Many of you may be finding it difficult to split firewood and may not be enjoying a whole day of workout with nature. For that purpose we have gathered here details of some of the best tools for splitting firewood.

Large diameter logs even are difficult to arrange, transport and use. Splitting such wood makes them more useful and splitting would even allow them to season quickly. When it comes to cutting wood that is really hard and has a large diameter, you may be finding it a task next to impossible. Though it is not impossible and with some useful tips you will be able to better deal with such work. Just with the use of right technique and tools, you will be able to split through a bulk stock of such pieces efficiently. You can use various tools such as mauls, wedges etc. and can split a hard wood to give it a desired shape for use.

Splitting Hard Wood:

Choose an appropriate tool: Splitting wood can be done with a number of different firewood splitting tools. Each one of these tools has varied capacities and conveniences of use. Thus the first step towards achieving your goal of splitting hardwood is to choose a proper tool that you can conveniently use for the purpose. You may use a maul or a splitting wedge to deal with hard large pieces of wood.

Using a Maul: A splitting maul is kind of an axe but it is thicker and stronger that makes it suitable for cutting through hard wood. This tool will have more weight than an axe and will be appointed with a sharp sledge hammer edge at the back of blade.

Using a Log Splitter Wedge: Use of a tool such as a log splitter for dealing with hardwood would make your task easier. These tools have the capacity to drive at the same place again and again until the wood splits completely.

Prepare Your Wood for Splitting:

4 Steps for Splitting Hard Wood:

Now that you have a proper setup, you can begin splitting logs:

Step 1: Log on Chopping Block:

Horizontal Log Splitter PlansFirst place the log that you need to deal for splitting over chopping block. Make sure that it is stable and is lying in the center of the block. An unsteady block can result in dangerous incident.

Step 2: Inspect Wood:

Now check the wood before trying to split. If your wood log has a crack, you should try to aim and hit in the same direction where the crack is. Any large knots found on the log must be avoided as you may spend hours on such knots and may not be able to crack them as they are likely to be twisted. Different methods should be used for splitting different types of woods. For example if you have oak, you may split through center or for instance maple that can be split through edges.

Step 3: Target Location:

Now that you have inspected log piece, you should decide on a location from where you want to split the hard wood. Visualize and set the location to guide your tool for splitting at the right place.

Step 4: Hold the Tool and Try Splitting:

If you are using a maul for splitting, now hold the tool firmly; give you knees a slight flex, lift the head by extending your arms straight in the right direction and slide down with the right strength. You may not be able to split on your first try and you may need to work your way multiple times to split through a tough wood. Strike again and again until the log splits.

Some Important Tips:


Splitting requires proper tool and technique to be used in order to get the desired results without causing any injury to you or to a companion. As you split a log piece in to smaller pieces of desired length, stack them and store wood in a proper place. Stack them in such a way that air can easily circulate around for seasoning wood before burning it. Keep it protected from rainfall as wood may decay in such cases.