Do It Yourself Home Built Log Splitter Design Plans

Key Features of a Log Splitter

Log splitters are impressive tools that user can conveniently use for fulfilling everyday log splitting requirement for varied purposes. Many of the home owners now are also commonly using low-end lawn mowers for coping up with their everyday requirement of firewood during winters.

A log splitter offers impressive benefits in an industrial/commercial setting as it not only increases the number of logs splitting but it also gives you simple and safer use with less time consumed. Many people are now commonly using this tool in order to save time and energy. With wide range of this tool available in market it is difficult to make out the most suitable choice without analyzing your needs. Thus we have outlined here all the important features that a buyer should look for when choosing a log splitter.

Having firewood at your disposal during winter is a good way to have comfort and heat in your homes. Since, time immemorial, wood has been a tool for men to parry the cold during winter and even during spring and fall. Now, things have not changed but we still rely on wood to keep us warm.

What Features to look for in a Log Splitter

There are many factors that would affect your buying decision for a best log splitter, however some of the key features that gives you convenient to use and a reliable tool are listed here. Considering these factors for purchase of this tool would enable you to find a tool that suits your needs in the best possible manner. A quality splitter should include following features:

Enough Power:

The log splitter you choose must have power sufficient to cut through toughest piece of log without getting strained. So it is best to look for a tool that has a powerful motor capable of dealing with tough tasks. For that purpose, you need to consider factors like horsepower, splitting pressure, amps and other related power factors. Analyzing all these details would give you a machine that is capable of working according to your needs.

Cycle Time:

Log splitter with a faster cycle time would mean that you will be able to increase the number of logs splitting in a specific time period. Getting more done by doing less would hold true for a splitter with fast cycle time. A quality log splitter should have a cycle time of around 15 seconds. If you can find something better than this figure, you are surely going to get increased productivity with your tool.

Dual Speed Function:

Dual speed feature enables the wedge to move to the log at a speed and then it slows down in order to apply pressure for splitting. This dual speed feature not only saves time for splitting but wouldn’t need much energy from operators’ end for getting the job done.

Log Splitting Size Range:

A log splitter must be capable of handling a good size of wood log. This feature is important to consider so that you may not end up buying a log splitter that could not handle the size of log you want to split. It is best to have a splitter with size capacity more than what you desire to be one the safe size. A good log splitter can handle wood length of around 20 inches with diameter of 12 inches. However with commercial grade splitters, you may even find a tool that can handle size of 25 inches wood piece length.


A log splitter is a heavy tool and thus dragging or lifting it for moving and storage would not be viable. You must make sure that the tool is easy to transport/move. A good log splitter should have wheels so that you can easily roll it to the garage for storage or can move to your desired work place. Being able to tow splitter is another advantage. Choose a splitter that includes a ball hitch that makes towing possible for travelling whenever required. Some modern machines also include a transport handle that makes moving a lot easier.

Durable Construction:

Obviously you wouldn’t be buying a log splitter every other day and so you should opt for a splitter that has durable construction. An all steel design log splitter would be most suitable choice.


No matter what type of splitter you decide to buy, considering safety is most important. Some features that enable you to have a safer tool for use include two hand safety operation, comfortable non-slip rubber grips, control levers, clamps etc. With two hand safety, the user gets to use his both hands thus ensure safe processing.

Some of the splitters include comfortable non-slip rubber grips. This feature gives you pleasant and safe working experience and saves you from vibration shocks as splitter cut through a tough wood piece. Operating levers of your selected splitter must be shielded from action of splitting in order to ensure safety of user as well as tool.

Some splitters (vertical style) also include clamps so that the log is held secure during the process of splitting. Not all but a few high-end models also feature emergency stop that gives you improved safety.


A reasonable log splitter must have a warranty of at least 1 year.

Consider Reviews:

Before buying you must make sure that the model you are buying is from a reliable manufacturer that has maximum positive reviews of clients. Read feedbacks of different clients and gather all necessary information in order to make a wise choice.


With different types and models of log splitters, you will find varied features with each time. We have mentioned some of the important ones that would make log splitting easier and convenient for you. Analyze your needs and consider all the features that you need to find a log splitter that is most viable for your requirements. However remember that buying a quality log splitter is not sufficient but you also need to maintain the log splitter well in order to enjoy benefits of it over long run.