Do It Yourself Home Built Log Splitter Design Plans

Vertical Log Splitter Plans

Today's Vertical log splitters in most cases can be operated in either the vertical or horizontal position. By placing a log in the upright position on the splitter foot you can then operate the splitter forcing the hydraulic cylinder ram and wedge down into the log for splitting.

This  universal use is handy although not as good a layout for use in the horizontal position as a horizontal splitter.

A vertical log splitter allows you to lower the intensive labor of lifting larger logs.

This operation is simplified by the fact that you can roll logs over to, and on to the log splitter foot for splitting.

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Vertical Log Splitters

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With vertical log splitters you have the advantage of having the work area right on the ground.

However, if you have a bad back, this will be the disadvantage as well since you will be spending most of your time bent over or on your knees moving wood

With the vertical system, the logs must be standing upright so that the splitter wedge can be forced down through the log as it is split in half, or quartered depending on your choice of log splitter wedges you use.

More often than not you will find that lighter duty residential log splitters are vertical units while commercial grade splitters are more commonly horizontal units.

When the splitter is tilted into the vertical position it is much easier to use when handling large diameter logs by rolling them over and onto the splitter resting pad with ease. This tends to help the back muscles out a lot as it reduces the need for lifting heavy log up onto the machine.

Tips: Building a Homemade Vertical Log Splitter

Here are some helpful tips to know before you begin the construction on your homemade wood splitter that will help its operation perform at peak efficiency.

Horizontal / Vertical Combination Log Splitters

Vertical log splitters are more popular than ever for the consumer looking for a home base personal use log splitter to produce firewood for heating their home. Most of these units offer the option to use the splitters in the horizontal or vertical position. This universal ability can be a big advantage in different situations that are often encountered when working on uneven ground conditions.

Always consider safety first when setting up and using a log splitter. Remember, these units produce tonnage force, and that can cause injury or even death when not being operated properly. Think safety first!