Do It Yourself Home Built Log Splitter Design Plans

3pt Hitch Vertical Log Splitter Plans

Our 3-point hitch vertical log splitter plans include universal instructions for Tractor hydraulic or PTO driven wood splitters, and 3pt hitch plans for category 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4, 3pt hitch systems as well.

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Our 3-Point Vertical Log Splitter Plans Include Detailed Instructions For Fabrication Including:

3pt Vertical Log Splitter Plans

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With our detailed CAD design plans we include all inclusive instructions with every set of log splitter plans.

This is done to ensure you have all the information needed for building your vertical 3-point log splitter. We make them easy to follow!

These plans include full fabrication instructions for constructing a three-point hitch which is the most popular and widely used hitch system for hooking up attachment accessories to tractors, skid steers, and other machinery. The three attachment points for the hitch system resemble a letter A or triangle.

This three-point attachment system makes it real easy to securely connect a log splitter to a hydraulic equipment source with the sturdy 3-point linkage system. The three-point hitch design allows the tractor to carry the weight of a log splitter or other attachment. This type of 3pt hitch has become industry standard.

3pt Hitch Tractor Hydraulic Vertical Log Splitter Plans

The 3pt tractor vertical log splitter is designed to run off of the hydraulic system of a tractor or other machine it is attached to. The machines own hydraulic system generally includes detachable hoses with a quick coupling system that can be attached to the log splitters hydraulic system.

The hydraulic valve system of the log splitter is controlled by the log splitter operator with the hydraulic force applied by the tractor.

PTO Driven Vertical Log Splitter Plans

With a 3pt PTO driven log splitter the power is applied through a (PTO) power take-off, power takeoff that can be applied by several methods. This setup can be used to take power from a power source, like the running engine of a tractor or skid steer. This PTO power can then power an attached implement such as a log splitter or other implement.

Typically this type of system provides a powered output shaft from a tractor designed to connect the PTO shaft which resembles the drive shaft on a vehicle. This can be easily connected to the input shaft of an attachment like a log splitter. It is then used to power the attached equipment.