Do It Yourself Home Built Log Splitter Design Plans

High Top Log Splitter Plans

The high-top log splitter offers a more natural working height for back comfort. This is especially suitable for loading and unloading from pickup trucks and other table height surfaces.

With the more upright working height of the high top log splitter plans design, you will notice less operator fatigue and faster firewood production.

This in turn can lead to bigger profits if you're producing firewood on a commercial basis to sell.

How To Build A High-Top Log Splitter

With this simple design and the readily available parts from you can be up in running in no time.

The great part is that it's a much faster project when you can purchase many of the main components to speed up the fabrication and assembly process.

To look at the available log splitter kits for this log splitter visit

Fabricating this unit can be a breeze with the High-Top Log Splitter Plans that are available in pdf format. These plans give you the general information needed to fabricate the main frame and I-beam assembly.

The High Top Log Splitter Components List

Hydraulic Splitter Attachment Components

The log splitting kits from allow you to build a hydraulic splitter using laser cut steel components that are ready for assembly & welding. Kits include a splitting blade, push plate, adjustable guide rail system, 4 = hydraulic cylinder brackets & 4 = log cradle brackets

The kit was designed using a 3d computer aided design software program and all parts are laser cut for clean accurate fabrication.

Additional components needed include