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Hydraulic Cylinder Cycle Time Calculator

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Use our log splitter speed calculator to figure out how fast your splitter will cycle! This hydraulic cylinder calculator tool will help determine the approximate extend & retract time of your cylinder rod by calculating the volume of the cylinder and figuring in the flow of the hydraulic pump.

Our Hydraulic Cylinder Calculator Application uses areas & volumes in the hydraulic cylinder, along with flow rate and stroke length to determine extraction and retraction speed and time.

Includes full cycle time calculation.

Calculate Hydraulic Cylinder Cycle Time

Enter Pump GPM (Gallons Per Minute), Cylinder Inside Bore (Inches),
Rod Diameter (Inches), and Rod Stroke Length (Inches).

Enter Your Log Splitter Data Below, Then Click Calculate Results

use decimals - not fractions

Cylinder Bore " Rod Diameter " Pump GPM Stroke "
Extend Speed " per sec Retract Speed " per sec
Extend Time - seconds Retract Time - seconds
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