Do It Yourself Home Built Log Splitter Design Plans

Log Skidder Plans

Harvesting firewood starts with the task of downing tree's, and retrieving them from the woods. This is no easy task without the right tools. These Log Skidder Plans will help you build your own log skidder that you can use to move trees and large logs out into a better working environment.

Log Skidder Plans DIY Guide - Build It Yourself

As the picture below shows, this simple design for a log skidder allows the securing chain to slide up a riser rail bar and lift the leading end of the log off the ground as you pull it to your destination. This keeps the front edge of the log from digging into the ground which will make it much harder to pull.

Log Skidder Plans - Components Purchase List

The main components that need to be purchased can be found in an ATV Trailer Kit. These can be found searching online in locations like ebay and amazon.

The kits should include several parts that are needed other than the fabrication steel for the frame. These components include:

Fabricating The Log Skidder Plans Main Frame

As the pictures below show, this log skidder frame system is constructed of 2" box steel and requires very little ingenuity. This simple structure includes the arch that the log will be secured inside of, and the riser rod the log chain will ride up on to lift the log off the ground. The rest of the frame includes the front triangle, tongue bar, and wheel guards. A relatively easy fabrication process.

Another design for the log skidder frame allows the use of a come along ratchet cable winch to be used in the log securing system. With this setup, the winch is cranked up to lift the front end of the log up off the ground. Safety can be a big issue with this design and injury could occur if the cable were to break.

A third design for log skidder plans use a grapple to secure the log for transport. This system can even include hydraulic or mechanical support for lifting the leading edge of the log off the ground as seen in the picture below. Other options include a 3-point hookup that can be employed.

The difference between a log arch and a log skidder is that the arch is intended to carry the log, where the skidder is intended to drag the log. In the right situation, the log skidder is going to help you be more productive since it takes less time to hook up to the log for dragging. On the other hand, a log arch will keep your logs cleaner which will extend the life of chainsaw chains and sawmill blades. Either way, adding this contraption to a scrap yard log splitter will get you all set up for firewood production.